IN MEMORIAM: Erinnerung an die 66 Fotojournalisten, die 2014 starben, die trail blazers waren laut TIME, den Weg gebahnt haben also, und auch Idole – mit 25 ihrer eindrücklichsten Bilder

In Memoriam: Remembering the Photographers We Lost in 2014
TIME – Dec. 29, 2014
By Mia Tramz

 camille-lepage-photographer-died-2014_Wali Rama Elodie, 20, lost her husband Crisologue GoudonfoFoto (c) Camille Lepage—Polaris
Wali Rama Elodie, 20, lost her husband Crisologue Goudonfo, on Oct. 10, 2013. Goudonfo was shot dead on his way home from work by ex-Séléka, with his colleague Ndapoto Tanguy.

Each year TIME LightBox pays tribute to the photographers who died. For many of us at TIME, they were friends and colleagues; for many of those reading, they were family and loved ones; and for all of us, they were trail blazers, visionaries and icons.

Foto (c) Dave Martin—AP
Oil burns on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico a few miles from the site of the Deepwater Horizon disaster on June 16, 2010.

Good journalism is not just the responsibility of the journalistic community; it is a global effort that must be bolstered by individual governments’ commitment to protecting the freedom of the press, and fought for in the face of authoritarian entities. It has become far too dangerous a fight for the individual – or even the individual organization – to tackle.

« Sometimes it is easy to forget why we need [journalism] at all, » jailed Al-Jazeera reporter Peter Greste wrote in December. « Journalism can, at times, look pretty sordid, and few of us who work in it can claim to have never succumbed to the more base instincts of our trade. And in the wired world of the internet, with its citizen reporters and millions of sources, it is tempting to wonder why we need professional journalists at all. But that noise is the reason itself. Never has cleared-eyed, critical, skeptical journalism been more necessary to help make sense of a world overloaded with information…The best journalism puts a frame around an issue. It helps define it, clarifies it, makes sense of it. And, above all, it challenges authority. »

As we remember the photographers we lost this year, let us bear in mind the lengths many of them went to be image makers, and remember that freedom of the press, as well as freedom of speech, are not given. The men and women we pay tribute to made the most of the ability they had to express themselves, as photojournalists, artists, and creators; their photographs were etched in light and engraved into history.

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