Mein Name ist Freiheit – Mon nom: liberté

Und heute…
Je suis née en Tunisie-mein Name ist Freiheit

« Je suis née en Tunisie,

j’ai vécu en Egypte,

donné mon sang en Libye,

j’ai été battue au Yémen,

en passant par Bahreïn.

Je grandirai dans le monde arabe …

jusqu’à atteindre la Palestine.

Je m’appelle Liberté. »

Par Karim Saif, en février 2011
sur Facebook, page « Je suis arabe »

Kein Platz in Europa?? – Tunesiens Migranten in Lampedusa

Lina Ben Mhenni schrieb – Publié par lina ben Mhenni dimanche, février 13, 2011
Illegal immigration : let’s Stop this Catastrophe
According to Le monde more than 5000 illegal immigrants coming from Tunisia’s coasts reached the Lampedusa island (Italy) during the week .
For more than a week now , I ‘ve heard of the rise of the rates of clandestine immigration in a dramatic way Some persons and groups on Facebook mentioned the death of some people who left the country on small boats . These asylum and bread seekers drowned in the sea. The majority of these people left from Zarzis ( Tunisian South).

A video on Facebook shows a young man: Mohamed Ali Drine talking about the situation of young people in Zarzis. He speaks to the whom he calls traitors telling them tha tZarzis has about 12000 and taht no one cares about the problems of people there. He reminds them that the latter took part in the revolution and that Zarzis had two martyrs during the revolution. He blames the media of dismissing such issues from their news. He says that even families are leaving illegally because of poverty and unemployment. He adds that for more than 2 weeks people from zarzis ( including families) and other regions in Tunisia are risking their lives whereas media keeps silent.

In another video we can see some young men who escaped death while they tried to immigrate illegally. One of them denies the rumors saying that they were paid by militias to braak stability and make trouble in the country. He explains that they were just trying to reach italy to find jobs there. Another tells the details of their trial to leave the country illegally.

The situation is more than critical and authorities should deal with the affair seriously. I met some young men in Djerba and asked them about their opinion concerning this illegal immigration and the majority said that they are leaving too…!!! They also explained that this immigration is well-organized and that there are even tranfers from Djerba to Zarzis for people who are living the country.

When I asked them about their motives to leave a country that just accomplished its revolution, the answer was the same for all of them : Ben Ali left but the system is still the same, nothing changed , we need jobs , we need dignity …We need to be heard !

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